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OPTOS Retinal Exam

OPTOS Retinal Exam

Why optomap® and what is it?

An optomap® retinal exam gives us an ultra-widefield image of your retina that is as distinct as your fingerprint and supplies us with a large view to evaluate your eye health. At the back of your eye, the retina is the light sensitive tissue containing nerves and blood vessels, which receives the visual information that enters your eye, much like photographer’s film.

Eye conditions can progress without noticeable symptoms, but changes to the retina can signal their existence during the initial stages. Retinal detachments and diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, and other health issues such as diabetes and hypertension, could be diagnosed early – when we can still prevent vision loss – through tools like the optomap® retinal exam.

The optomap® Retinal Exam Provides:

  • A more detailed view of the retina than is otherwise available
  • Real time images which the patient can see too, to discuss results with the eye care provider
  • Scan that reveals eye health
  • Digital record as a baseline, to assess changes detected by future optomap retinal exams
  • Test is quick, easy, and comfortable for patients of all ages

That is why our Ontario optometrist thinks they are an excellent feature of our yearly eye exams.

To have an optomap® retinal exam, you look into the device and your eyes are scanned one at a time. A flash of light lets you know your retina has been scanned. The optomap® results are displayed on a computer screen right away so we can look at it together.

Occasionally, serious conditions are detected during an optomap® retinal exam, like eye or brain tumors. However, usually, optomap® retinal exam results do not lead to an earth-shattering diagnosis. Rather, they provide us with signs that an eye condition may be developing and allow us the opportunity to take preventative measures to stop or slow down the progression of these diseases. Then, we continue to monitor the eye for changes over time, to make sure our treatment plan is successfully maintaining your eye health.

Please schedule your optomap® Retinal Exam today!